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Who We Are. Travel Security Experts With A Digital Touch

The qardian product was developed by Portus Ltd. The concept was born out of the need for an advanced communication system that would assist before and throughout a crisis situation. Portus members have visited many risk areas across the planet. The members have faced dangerous situations in their work ranging from minor events into a tsunami. Team members have also sailed the world and travelled around the globe, facing situations that demand high security services.

The company has strong roots in Finland where the management, investors and designers are from. Portus qardian product and premium service concept was created out of the passion for safer travel.

qardian Service. Delivered to your mobile device

qardian delivers comprehensive security services for business travelers. The warning and security information is targeted to traveler's location. We offer tailored services with pay-on-usage model. We also use tracking services with 24/7 support centre to assist travelers in distress.


Whenever crisis happens, travelers can click one button to submit their help request with location details. SOS is received by the 24/7 security centre that will immediately react to it and start the agreed safety procedures to help the traveler.


Traveler will always get the current weather information and the forecasts.There is also an additional service option to stay up-to-date with extreme weather condition surveillance and reporting, like earthquakes, taifuns, land slides and floods.

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qardian service centre is fully operational every hour of the year. They will monitor news, warnings and weather data across the planet, and share that with the customers. Critical information is also pushed on mobile device screens to warn users.


Get the security warnings directly on your mobile device screen. In case of an accident, service centre can transmit all the user information on the device screen so the emergency staff on the ground has all the personal details to provide best help.


Get the locally relevant information to your mobile device. We provide daily risk summary of the country. We also offer extra services on from local destination guides to extreme conditions. You can focus on enjoying your trip, we will keep you informed.


We are constantly developing new features to make every journey safer. Our research and development team never stop looking for better and smarter ways to manage user security and offer the best possible service for people and companies.

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